Strategic Plan 2023

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Committed to excellence

This Strategic Plan sets out our vision for where we want to be, as well as how we want to get there. It will ultimately form a new framework for cooperation among all stakeholders in the IP system, and help us to provide a prosperous future for European innovation and a strong patent network.

Our goals for 2023

The Strategic Plan comprises five goals, each of which has several key initiatives.

Goal 1
Engaged and empowered

Goal 2
Digital transformation

Goal 3
Master quality

Goal 4
Partner for positive impact

Goal 5
Secure sustainability

Further information

Download: Strategic Plan 2023

Read a full PDF version of the Plan.

Towards a New Normal

Read our vision for a post-pandemic workplace

In our own words: the Strategic Plan 2023

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Strategic Plan 2023: a sustainable office committed to excellence

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