Annual Review 2021

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A year of adaptability and resilience

With rapid advances in digital transformation continuing to deliver benefits to its staff and stakeholders, the EPO emerged from 2021 as a more sustainable organisation. Swift progress with implementing our Strategic Plan 2023 also helped the Office embrace new ways of working.

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Message from EPO President António Campinos.

Executive summary

Highlights from the review.

Key achievements

Read about progress made last year towards each of the five goals of our Strategic Plan

Goal 1
Engaged and empowered

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Goal 2
Digital transformation

Teaser image - Goal 2: Digital transformation

Goal 3
Master quality

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Goal 4
Partner for positive impact

Teaser image - Goal 4: Partner for positive impact

Goal 5
Secure sustainability

Teaser image - Goal 5: Secure sustainability

In-depth reports

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European Patent Academy report 2021

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